Booking and Service Policy

Reservations and Payment

The reservation will become effective once a 30% transfer of the total amount corresponding to the selected tour has been sent. Once the transfer has been received, FUTURO TRAVELS will contact you again to confirm the reservation and provide additional information about the itinerary. When payment is made in cash, the tour can be canceled on the same day as the tour will only begin when the full amount is paid.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations can be processed by the requesting party, the titleholder, through the company’s official communication channels via WhatsApp at +54 9 2614 16-3445, indicating the tour and date. Regarding the refund policy:

  • Cancellation by the requesting party up to 15 days before the start of the tour: the full amount paid will be refunded.
  • Cancellation by the requesting party up to 7 days before the start of the tour: the deposit will be retained, and 70% will be refunded if the full cost of the experience has been paid. If the full amount has not been paid, only the deposit will be retained.

Avoid Fraud

  • Hire services with Authorized Agencies like us. You can check this information at
  • When making a purchase, verify that the transaction is conducted through a secure server. The web address should start with “https” and have a padlock icon.
  • Look for information to confirm the identity of the service provider. Verify specific details such as address, phone, social media. Check comments and reactions on their posts; even if the agency or service exists, this can save you from a bad experience.
  • In case of fraud in Mendoza, you can contact the Tourist Police: Av. San Martín 1143, City of Mendoza +54 261 4132135, or tourist assistance; email:, WhatsApp: +54 261 7067038.

Passenger Coverage

Alterations and Modifications

If the minimum number of passengers required for a tour is not met or due to force majeure that necessitates changes (such as weather events, health issues of the staff, etc.), the organizer reserves the right to modify or cancel the contracted services, being released from all responsibility by reimbursing the amounts received without any right to claim by the passenger. FUTURO TRAVELS reserves the right to alter schedules and itineraries for the better development of the tour without altering its quality or duration.

Passenger Conduct

If, in the judgment of FUTURO TRAVELS, the conduct of a passenger on the contracted tour could endanger any person or property or hinder the guides from performing their duties or if the passenger ignores any instructions from the guides or threatens, abuses, or insults any member of the tour or behaves in a disruptive manner or in any way that may be considered offensive to the other passengers, FUTURO TRAVELS may take the necessary measures to prevent such behavior. If, as a result of the passenger’s conduct on the contracted tour, the guides decide, in the reasonable exercise of their discretion, to separate them, the passenger must pay the company all expenses resulting from that situation or diversion.


FUTURO TRAVELS is not responsible for any damages that passengers may suffer to their persons or property, regardless of the cause. FUTURO TRAVELS explicitly declares that it acts as an intermediary between travelers and entities or individuals responsible for providing the services indicated in the itineraries, such as transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, etc. Consequently, it disclaims all responsibility for deficiencies in any of the services indicated in the itineraries, as well as for any damage, injury, accident, delay, cancellation, or irregularities that may occur during the execution of the services to persons traveling through its mediation or to their luggage and other property items, due to adverse weather and/or atmospheric conditions, government decisions, natural disasters, strikes, wars, border closures, pandemics, and other events that may occur beyond its control, whether due to force majeure or any other reason. FUTURO TRAVELS disclaims all responsibility for the processing and validity of the passenger’s documentation and any inconvenience that may arise due to delays or tour abandonment caused by the absence or deficiency of the required documentation. It will be the exclusive responsibility of the passenger to check and verify the correct input of personal data on forms, vouchers, websites, WhatsApp messages, emails, reservations, and/or any type of general documentation required by FUTURO TRAVELS related to promotions or special discounts, tourist services, and/or fiscal documents such as receipts, invoices, credit or debit notes.

Knowledge of the General Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions of contract constitute a legal agreement between the passenger and FUTURO TRAVELS. If the passenger uses FUTURO TRAVELS’ services for the purchase or reservation of tourist packages, tours, or transportation tickets to any destination and through any of its commercial contact channels, whether in person or virtually, it means that the passenger has read, understood, and fully consented to the terms presented on this page.